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 About Nina 
Over the years I have explored many styles of photography, including fine art photoshoots, wildlife, travel and street photography.

I graduated from the University of California, Santa Cruz with a bachelor's degree in art and cognitive science. Then worked as a freelance videographer for Coyote Road Studios in Santa Barbara, California, filming live studio recordings and music videos.

Now I am pursuing my master's degree in photography at the Royal College of Art in London.

Eduardo Carrillo Memorial Scholarship Santa Cruz, CA - 2020

Eduardo Carrillo Memorial Scholarship 
Santa Cruz, CA - 2019

Santa Barbara Scholarship Foundation 

Art Scholarship - 2016

PTA Reflections Photography Contest

1st Place Regional Level 2015

3rd Floor Exhibition

Royal College of Art, London

January 23 - 2024

Perceptions - Virtual Senior Show

University of California Santa Cruz, CA  
March 1 - June 28 - 2020

Eduardo Carrillo Virtual Group Show

University of California Santa Cruz, CA  
 May - 2020

Minimalist Works Exhibition

Brighton, UK  
April 19  - 2019

Email & Location 
Santa Barbara, CA

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